>For All That It’s Worth

>There is a lot of talk of Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman coming in to buy the club for the £100m asked by Mike Ashley. I have mixed feelings. While a new investor who will run the club according to winning principles is very welcome, the sources of the cash is relevant. Manchester United may have hated the Glazers coming in and mortgaging the club to the hilt but at least their money is fairly honest. I’d rather sell to them than the profiteer of repression, murder and elitism such as LFC tried and Chelsea, Portsmouth and Manchester City have. Celebrate the wealth and opportunity if you like but those high salaries and transfers are off the back off the denial of human dignity. Sure Ashley’s money came from selling crap chav T-shirts but I would rather wait than swallow my principles and celebrate an owner who made his money crushing human hope.


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