>Seen Some Quality Films Recently

>From Here to Eternity (1953)

Great actors and storyline for that era. And from one heterosexual man to another, Burt Lancaster, you are one impressive man.

Fist of Fury

Bruce Lee in various disguises beating people up. 17/10

The Counterfeiters

Won the Oscar in 2008 for best foreign film and yeah its damn good. 9/10.

Infernal Affairs

The original ‘The Departed’. Its exceptional, taunt, twisting and brutal. Tony Leung rocks. 9/10

The Departed

Loved the original and of course they completely ripped it off in so many ways. But this is a very good film. Well-made and I am glad they chose the best ending from the 2 from the original and then bozarrely added to it for some Hollywood fairplay.

Alec Baldwin should get an award for playing himself so well. A fat, obnoxious prick. 9/10


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