I know I am due to post some thoughts and words. I have plenty but haven’t found the time. Family, weekends away, work and fixing stuff has taken more time than I thought possible. Plenty needs to be sorted asap, Uni, jobs etc but almost everything of worth is getting lost in a relativity washing machine. I don’t I am controlling the spin cycle that well.

However I am reading right now. Just finished a anthropological book on Africa and 3/4s through Chinua Achebe’s Anthills on the Savannah. After that, its more Africa and Indonesia. Music is going well though I am likely to miss the tour to the Czech Rep. The timing clashes with a family get-together which I have to attend.

I am  working right now. Just 15 hours a week but its very well-paid. I’d take more hours however. I just want to get out of my small debts and have the disposal income to choose a Uni start date. That does mean keeping my head down somewhat. Uni, Colombia and Indonesia remain the priorities for the next few years. After this 5 year plan, I expect to be in a position to lay back and move onto what I want.

Women are a shambles as usual! Got parties and weddings to attend to over the next few weeks as well as the long wait to get paid but I will get on to this starting with my review of Sham-taram. I’ll get some thoughts up on Eastern Europe as well what photos I have left after formatting my harddrive to get Linux Mint 7 on there. Pah! Some good times out there.


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