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I remember Jen in Japan, Kyoto I think, slapping away a groper’s hand as he reached towards a teenage girl’s skirt. It seems incredible that a modern society like Japan still has a huge problem. The sexual deviancy extends to flashers, Manga magazines on the tube, sex shops next to 7-11 and those sex hotels. It might seem very unproper for a country like Japan which prides itself on its clean image in business and formal manners between people but formal (or straight) societies like Japan, Germany and the UK tend to have this darker side which flourishes underthe cover of silence and pointed looks.

Below is a story about Japan and it’s upcoming non-groper week. Good to see the police are taking this seriously by announcing when and on which lines they will be working.

Tokyo police have begun a week-long crackdown against the twice-daily scourge of gropers on commuter trains. Undercover teams have been deployed on some lines in a bid to catch molesters in the act on crowded trains.

Last year more than 6,000 people were arrested on suspicion of groping or taking unsolicited photographs. According to one survey, nearly two-thirds of young women have been groped on public transport. Some train lines have introduced women-only carriages.

Tokyo police have begun what is being described as a “groping prevention week”. There are conspicuous extra police patrols in stations handing out leaflets, and undercover teams have been deployed on trains to try to catch men in the act.

Gropers can be imprisoned for up to seven years in Japan


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