>Inmate ‘drunk on swine flu gel’


The title explains the main story succinctly to be fair. Prisoners are removed from society for their crimes and their punishment involves forced abstinence from the drugs which are deemed social acceptable. So they’ve been inventive in passing the time.

But the paragraph about the hospital removing the same gels from the toilets as ordinary members of the public were also abusing them is sad especially when considering your standard can of Super Tennents is the odd quid. No doubt it will prove to be tramps, addicts or kids but either way, its pretty pathetic. 

A Dorset prison has removed anti-bacterial hand gel pumps after an inmate is thought to have got drunk drinking from them.

The gel was made available on Monday at HMP The Verne in Portland to help combat the spread of swine flu. But the Prison Officers Association (POA) said within hours there had been an incident with an intoxicated inmate.

The Prison Service said the pumps were removed as a “precautionary measure” and an investigation was under way. It is believed the gel was mixed with a drink before it was consumed.

In March, Royal Bournemouth Hospital said it was one of many hospitals removing alcohol-based hand cleaning gel from reception areas in a bid to stop visitors drinking it.

Andy Fear, from the POA at The Verne, said: “We were informed of an incident within hours of the gel being available. In one of the wings it is believed an inmate was using it inappropriately. When you get something called alcohol gel you can see what is going to happen.”


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