The Pursuit of Knowledge and Inspiration Continues..

The Pursuit of Knowledge and Inspiration Continues..m/2009/09/a_room_without_books_wallpaper_by_bellakullen.jpg”>
Finished recently….

1. Anthills on the Savannah by Chinua Achebe – Excellent novel and concise, literary summary of the present failures of African states.

2. A History of Indonesia – very informative. I am interested in doing my Masters based on Indonesia and learnt a lot of background. Its always disturbing how much global powerplays, geo-politics and economic concerns override the concern for democracy.

3. A series of lectures by Chinua Achebe given at Harvard in 1998 called Home and Exile concerning why he started writing, telling stories of his own land and traditions and why writers needs to write about what he knows.

4. Stories of Africa by Rzchard Kapcusincki, the famed Polish journalist from his years working in Africa from the 1960s to the 1990s. Really enlightening stories. Reminds you that Africa is a continent of diverse people, cultures, religions and landscapes. Great job.

5. In Defence of America – an interesting and needed reminder of the value of the US and its theorectical values even if the writer has rosy-tinted glasses.

6. A History of Saudi Arabia – a lot I didn’t know and highly explanatory of its development and complexities of the Sa’ud family.

Presently or about to read…

7. A History of Modern Africa – more anthropological study.

8. A History of Modern Libya – and yet more.

9. A Streetcar Named Desire – rocking, steamy, intense stuff so far.

10. Summertime by J.M. Coetzee – the third part of his pseudo-autobiography from the Nobel Prize winning writing.

11. The Trillion Dollar War by Joseph Stiglitz – the story of the recent Iraq War.

12. Animal Farm by George Orwell – again!

Yeah. I’ve been busy and enjoying it.


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