Nice Oasis Review on Pitchfork

Sadly it’s true. I can well remember buying the 2 first albums, the excitement of opening the cassette. the third album came out when I was travelling in 1997. I was pre-occupied and bought it almost passingly. And maybe that was it. Oasis tapped into the time I was growing and seeking a great world, an escape. Once I found it, I needed them less. I still appreciate the first two albums but moved on, unlike the band.

I’m afraid this compilation just isn’t enough to spark a renewed interest in these quickly fading toss-pots. Obviously, it’s much easier for Oasis to package shit as diamonds and chuck it out among the entertainment- starved rabble, rather than actually try and transcend the vacuum they’ve been writing songs in for so long. (Hunker down in the studio and possibly re-think your incredibly narrow approach to pop tunesmithing, lads?) Being the stubborn Beatles snobs they are, though, they’ll most likely continue with the same unforgivably lame Revolver– era Beatles knock-offs while making futile genuflections at the altar of Mr. Paul Weller. Maybe it’s about time they debut the talents of the long- forgotten, previously outtaken third Gallagher brother: autistic, pennywhistle- blowing Tosser Gallagher. Poor wanker’s been gathering dust in a London basement for years, you know.


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