Sorry…which wog said what?

Credit to Producer Serge who filmed this!

And of course, she made it all up, desperate to get on TV.

INTERNET sensation Clare Werbeloff, famed for her eyewitness account of a Kings Cross shooting, has admitted she fabricated the story.The Sunday Mail can reveal the 19-year-old told investigating police that she “made the whole thing up”, in reference to a shooting in Kings Cross last Sunday.

“She’s not a witness to the shooting,” a Kings Cross police spokesman said. “We’ve spoken to her, but she’s not a witness to the shooting. She’s told police that she didn’t actually see it.”

In an interview with Channel 9 in the moments following the incident, Ms Werbeloff gave a dramatic account of the shooting. The footage was posted on YouTube and went global last week, attracting more than 200,000 hits.

“There were these two wogs fighting,” Ms Werbeloff told Channel 9. “The fatter wog said to the skinnier wog, ‘Oi bro, you slept with my cousin’. And the other one said, ‘Nah man, I didn’t for shit, eh’, and the other one goes, ‘I will call on my fully sick boys, eh’. And then pulled out a gun and went ‘chk-chk boom’.”

But her detailed eyewitness account was false. Ms Werbeloff’s newly hired agent, Adam Abrams, confirmed she was not a witness. “She made it up,” he said. “She saw the camera, ran over to it and told this story.”


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