Up in 3D

I saw this last week with my niece Imogen and nephew Sam. They are only 5 and 3 years old so mostly the story passed them by. Sam seemed entranced by the colours, action scenes and his plastic 3D glasses while Imogen understood enough of the plot to get slightly upset when the bird was kidnapped.

It’s one of those modern animated films by Pixar which have a full-enough story and plenty of sly jokes to keep everyone amused. Two kids meet acting out adventure fantasties, fall in love, get married and live until old age  forever dreaming of travelling to Paradise Falls, a vertical cascade in South America, which is clearly based on Angel Falls in Venezuela. It only finally becomes possible when she dies and Carl looks to honour his wife’s memory by realising their dreams. It’s a simple story from start to finish, sad at times but uplifting. A touching rendering on the hopes and hurdles of the human experience.


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