Some interesting figures here. The report stated that the Danes were just an anomaly for now but it’s no surprise that the larger and richer countries lead the way. Don’t be too surprised by the Dutch only being halfway down the table. Amsterdam is completely of hazed Americans or drunk Europeans, mainly British morons on weekends of alcohol, hookers and marijuana. The Dutch don’t get involved in the ugly nights the figure of less than 25% on the chart is no surprise. Jeroen, my friend out there never smokes.

One surprise I suppose is to see Spain and Portugal smoking so different. Possibly its the more conservative nature of the Portuguese or more more simply an addition to the cocaine trade that is rife in Spain. Southern Spain is a natural entry point for cocaine coming in from South American and Euro notes in Spain show the highest traces of cocaine in Europe with an average of 155 microgrammes per note, more than five times more than Germany.

Its nothing I get involved with anymore. Breathing in cancerous smoke has always seemed totally ridiculous to me. But cannabis, with its neuro-toxic qualities has always taken away from my personality, rendering me quieter, less creative and thoughtful. And with so much to learn and think about, I can’t afford to miss out and I’ll be damned that I’ll go off quietly into the night.


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