Time for Patience

I wish I knew the media campaign to drum up a crisis at Liverpool was just to sell papers. But it isn’t and sadly the broadsheet and more respected media just follows on. Talking heads are trying to out-do each other like political shock-jocks, all in the hunt for Jerry Springer-type adoration. Certain newspaper’s agendas also reflect the divided lines of football loyalty.

Rafa Benitez is considered finished by some media and like the big sell of talentless pop stars by media manipulators, ignorant and weak-willed fans start believing it. His entire past achievements are now forgotten, the limits he works under are ignored and every minute decision is slated if it is debateable and questioned if it succeeds. He can’t win even when Liverpool wins. Its merely survival. Liverpool have to finish in the Top 4. With Manchester City and Aston Villa struggling at times, that is easily achievable. I dislike a lot about Liverpool but the vitriolicism of the tabloids and snide carping of the broadsheets media pisses me off. I have seen it too often with Newcastle United.

Below are some comments about Fergie when his position was openly muted by the media and supporters back in 2001, after two Championships in a row and 6 in total. Their comments below now look ludicrous, a product of shallow people with short attention spans.

I think it is time for Fergie to go. I am not sure that it is possible to replace him at this time but the team are playing so badly, we might not notice the difference. He never appointed a coach to replace McClaren and now we are seeing the results. Fergie has donned his tracksuit again and he just can’t coach anymore (Not like Kidd and McClaren).

He has tinkered with the system and upset the rythm of the team. Although Veron is an unbelievable player, he is not the man we needed. We needed a top class defender to play along with STAM, and a top class striker to play with Cole, Solskjaer and Van Nistelrooy.
Martin, Ireland

Every coach in any sport reaches the point after coaching the same athletes, even when successful, when the words actions and tactics become stale. This has happened. There is nothing more Fergie can say. It’s over.
David, England

Ferguson has been a disaster. United already had a world-class midfield and attack and he didn’t need any reinforcements over the summer. He has wasted the club’s money. Get a manager in who will sort out that defence.
Hiral, Fulham, England

It does look like Mr Cragnotti has a point. Much was made of the Lazio situation when Eriksson was appointed to the England job and they went from being one of the most feared teams in Europe to a shambles. There are similarities with the plight Utd currently find themselves in.

If Ferguson doesn’t stand aside the Board should certainly move very quickly to make his successor known. At least then the Utd players would have a focus to impress for the rest of the season. I hope that they don’t wait to see how England do in the World Cup before making their final decision on who they are going to move for.
Mark, Swindon, England

Absolutely, and Joe Royle would be a perfect replacement.
Mark, Leeds, UK


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