>It was the best of times….I just wish someone had told me

>Been away from this blog for a while. Near overrun at work. Yes, they started working me and I nearly started taking it seriously. Sadly now, with Christmas over, my mind inevitably turns to where it belongs, out there, wondering. Its nothing I can control, gives me nervous excitement and a 1000 yard stare. I am never as whole as when I get that bus, find the hostel or wander the streets with just my camera looking for moments.

In mid-January 2010, I’ll be in Berlin staying with Linden and hooking up with Anissa again before Linden and I head to Israel for some KULCHA and horse riding with my friend Moniem in Sinai. Linden flies back after 10 days or so and I’ll stay until the end of Februray. There is too much to explore to stay so short a time and as the Israel visa precludes you from many other countries in that area, I had better make the most of it. Looking forward to riding some horses with Moneim and possibly meeting Amira again.

Feeling very inspired right now. With Spoon, Nick Cave, The National, Californication, good friends, a family I like more and more, some wine and cheese and a lot to look forward to, I can’t complain. I can’t stop smiling. A self-fulfilling, self-conceptualisation at work. I guess I am just becoming more comfortable with everything. I got some important and honest calls at New Year, from people who have been part of the ride, usually women friends (real men don’t bother with messaging) who have stuck with me for my better. So thank you. I will write about you. Bill, a horse, I promised someone I would reference in a story many years. You are not forgotten either.


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