Highlights of 2009

Highlights of 2009

Favourite conversation

– Meeting a drunk, fat Neo-Nazi in the street who threw me a Seig Hiel and then started a fight with two girl guides. I told him to fuck off which he gratefully did, after another Seig Heil. I turned and almost fell over into a midget who was standing right behind me. That’s Budapest for you!

Favourite moments

<- Steve and Lucy’s wedding

– being short of breath in Ljubjlana

– the numerous babies born this year to many good friends

Haven’t seen in years highlight

– meeting Emma Dalrymple after 8 years. That was awesome Em.

Most beautiful place

<– Lake Bled in Slovenia

Greatest animal moment

– None. 😦

The zoo in Plock was depressing and I caught nothing fishing.

Best cities

– Krakow, Ljubljana, Budapest, Berlin

Greatest gigs

– the Killers in Berlin

– Basement Jaxx in Gdansk

Favourite New Music

– Spoon

– Girls

Best Boozer

– the Metelkova in Slovenia

Funniest conversation

– Chatting with Dave Gordon in Tallinn

<– with Dave Gordon, Gab and Dave’s bro-in-law who just happened to be in the same bar.

– Marcuz’s comment in Stockholm about being the token white guy

Sporting event highlight

– Err maybe the handball game in Poland. Poor year.

Best night-out

– With Linden in Warsaw

– The last night at Metelkova

– Out in the bars and nightclubs of Stockholm with Marcuz

Ragingly drunk night out

– With Linden in Warsaw. She did well.

– First night in Poland in Wroclaw with some Spanish lads from Seville

– 5 star hotel night with the big group in Riga. Ohh Agathe and her belly!

– Waking up at 3pm in my flat in Poland to find the front door wide open and my clothes lying in the porch. I don’t know.

Best films of the Year

– The Lives of Others

– Up!

Biggest disappointments

– Missing old mates this year

– no football/rugby/diving

– Clebson dying

WTF night?

– Getting strangled by the old Polish lady in Wroclaw

Biggest beer discovery

– Okocim Mocne

Best new buddies met

– Marcuz, Jacques, Piotr, Tamsin, Beau and Dave Gordon

<– with crazy Jacques

Best books read

– The Human Stain by Philip Roth

– The Cairo Trilogy by Naguib Mahfouz

– The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano

Best place stayed

– The Squirrel in Riga

– Linden’s place in Berlin

Best looking women

– Vilnius, Tallinn, Gdansk

<– Gab and an Estonian fair maiden

Cultural experience

– Living with a Polish family in Gdansk

– Working in Plock, middle of nowhere Poland

– The Hari Kristna rave in Budapest

– Hanging out with the bouncing crews in Stockholm

Best food

– That Polish restaurant in Krakow…mmmm pierogi

Greatest every cloud..day

– Missing the bus and flight from Slovenia, only to meet some great people

Most interesting bus journey

– The overnight train journey from Vienna to Ljubljana; fierce mountains covered in mist and vallies of petit, cute houses. I watched it for hours.

Feel like I am travelling again moment

– Searching for hostels in Budapest

Learn Much?

– Yeah. About myself, other folk and life’s meandering beauty. I like it.

See you this year.



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