>Battle of the Bulge Should Come at a Price

>Very glad to hear this. It’s about time. Its pretty galling to get charged for being 3kgs over the weight limit for bags and then watch someone amble onto the plane, rocking from side to side as they do, for they are simply unable to put one leg in front of the other. And then of course, Chubby Sweater has to sit either next to you, with their sheep leg forearms halfway to your groin (nowhere near as fun a a Swedish stripper) or in front of you and put the seat back until all passengers nearby fear for my life.

I am no weight fascist (total lie) but I don’t rate the excuses laid out and now defended by self-interested scientists. Almost everything is motivated by the self and conditioned by the environment around them. While it’s not easy for everyone, it is possible and along with all the other costs to society, financial motivation is a remarkable fillet to social responsibility.

Anyway seems like the French, a critic of anything they can blame on someone else for are doing something about it. From the BBC…

Air France has revealed it may prevent obese economy passengers from boarding its planes for “safety reasons”.

It said that, under new rules, if a flight was full an overweight person who did not fit into a single seat might have to take another plane. It made the admission when it said obese people buying two seats for more comfort would be fully reimbursed for the second if the plane was not full.

This new rule comes into effect from 1 February. At present Air France offers heavier passengers 25% off the price of buying an adjacent seat, a policy that has been in effect since 2005. The airline said it had no intention of forcing heavier passengers to pay for a second seat.


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