The Road Beckons Again

So I am off again, tramping to airport, excited and excitable. Hold your eyes if you don’t want to know. First to Berlin for five night to stay with Linden and meet up with Anissa, then with Linden to Israel, Jordan and Egypt to search the sights, ride some horses with Moneim and dive in the waters off Sinai. Linden will then fly back to Germany and I’ll worm my way back to Tel Aviv and London, only to return to Berlin for a Spoon concert and finally back to London…for a breather before I fly to Belfast to see T and out of Dublin after catching up with Joe and Minna before back to Cardiff.

It seems like a long time since I have stepped onto a plane for discovery. But it really isn’t. That said, work has become routine, the weather has sucked and the time waited from last summer has drained my heart. I’ve enjoyed it in fundamental ways, come to vital conclusions about my future, felt relaxed with myself and family and longed to be resolve some issues. Having seen so many friends take deep breaths before they state their opinion of their job, qualifying myself in what I enjoy rather than what would set me up seems the only option. I am too soft of heart for anything else.

When asked my a friend why I am going, I replied with 6 words; me, discovery, adventure, friends, thought and joy.

That’ll do. I’ll let you know how it goes, hopefully in some delayed real-time ma-jigga.


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