I’m sorry….but who died here?

So Tiger Woods apologises for having sex with numerous women, letting people down especially his wife and kids and generally giving into temptation and having a good time. He lost numerous sponsors including Tag Heuer whose customers, almost exclusively men, seriously don’t approve of being ability to having sex with numerous women while earning millions of dollars and being married to a model. It’s nothing they would ever do. 🙂

The golf world, full of travelling sportsmen like salesmen has loved the exposure.  You have to question Tiger’s mental balance. I was more shocked at how average the women were. I mean he is Tiger Woods. Granted he isn’t George Clooney (who is just dreamy!) but I mean, surely his cash or cache should go further. Hopefully the therapy will help.

While I may sound snide, more of my concern is why Tiger needs to apology to the world in a public admission of his life ‘failings’. I found it laughable. Hand on heart. Looking direct at the camera. Scripted like a school play. He confessed like an eleven year old being humiliated in front of the class. And he admitted nothing we didn’t know already. ‘I convinced myself that normal rules didn’t apply.’ They don’t Tiger.

It’s moralism gone mad. He needs some better advisors. Maybe they were worried about his corporate standing. Well he has enough cash and prestige anyway. He is a golfer, not a guru. He should have taken the Ronaldo or Hugh Grant route and just admitted it, apologised and taken it on the chin rather than bending over the glasshouse media. As someone posted on the BBC, the only thing missing what Don King standing behind Tiger and shouting “Only in America!”


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