Forgetting the small time politician’s making a dumb statement, I and many Aussies would agree with the Mark Webber comment about Australia becoming a nanny state. The nature of society would surprise many from the low alcohol beer at sport games to the near hysterical reaction to crude behaviour on TV. It’s not the scene you would expect if you thought up a stereotypical view of Australians. And yet we also have the below..

The roads minister of Victoria in Australia has used strong language to criticise Lewis Hamilton after his road car was impounded by Melbourne police.

Minister Tim Pallas made the comment on the day that Victoria launched a new road safety campaign. The Formula 1 racing driver, who was arrested on Friday, is expected to be charged with improper use of a vehicle.

Mr Hamilton, who was in the country for the Australian Grand Prix, has apologised for his “over-exuberance”. Mr Pallas criticised the 25-year-old British racing driver on the day that Victoria launched a Don’t Be a Dickhead road safety campaign. Asked whether Lewis Hamilton met that description, he said: “OK, I’ll say it. He’s a dickhead.”

But Australian driver Mark Webber has defended his fellow competitor, saying his homeland had become a nanny state, with ridiculous parking and speeding rules.


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