A Review of the classic novel Striker by Steve Bruce

From amazon.co.uk

“Finding words to describe this book is difficult, especially as I am not myself gifted with the innovative, nay – ground breaking vocabulary, or crafty word play/poetry of Bruce.

That Bruce has spent so much of his life on the football pitch and not behind his typewriter should be a tragedy for literature – but he skillfully, stealthfully works his years of experience on the pitch into this crime novella resulting in a story which will delight fans of murder and lower division football alike. Looking for a comparison? Nothing bears comparison, though think Graham Greene / Harry Harris lovechild and you are somewhere near. The spelling mistakes are alright after a bit you don’t notice them, anyway you’ll finish the bloody thing in half an hour,you’ll never forget it though. I had to show this book to my mates, it’s unbelievably funny for me to imagine Steve Bruce actually writing this thing, you have to read it to believe it.

Buy this book I think some of the money might go to Huddersfield Town, and you will never look at Bruce the same way again.”


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