Yeah Whatever Suckers!!!

>“Hands up all those who are already bored of Newcastle? If the relegation of the Prem’s most soap-opera like club had a downside, it was that we here in the Championship would be saddled with endless pieces bewailing, bemoaning and analysing their fall from grace, with a cynical and tedious presumption that the rest of us give a damn. Having been here before with Leeds, it’s just dull. And, like Leeds, we have to suffer endless solemn pronouncements about how “the best fans in the country don’t deserve this”. Actually, they do. In fact, apart from Leeds, I can’t think of a single group of fans who deserve it *more. Their tendency to idolise former players and managers to deity status is as annoying as it is delusional – especially when you look at these idols. Alan Shearer. Kevin Keegan. Malcolm flipping MacDonald. And this goes way back. I bet even Wor (or however it is you spell it) Jackie was an annoying thug as well. As for their prospects, I confidently expect them to blunder around the mid-reaches of the league with a sort of bewildered expression gradually replaced by petulance and then heart-rending sobbing as the realisation dawns: they’re not in Kansas any more. Too bloody right they’re not.

Prediction: 8th”

When I thought pre-season about the Championship , I said I wanted us to go up in style, to go to teams and we win convincingly. And we have. Best points for me have been the big players who could have left have come through and played for the team, the manager and the fans. Championship football is more honest and I have been to different grounds this year where supporters turn up and support and don’t moan. i.e. genuine fans.

We look good for next year and should have no real issues staying up with the strength at the back and in the middle. We create enough to score goals, hoping Andy Carroll will stay and need to start well.

I imagine Hughton will stay in the job simply because Ashley is unlikely to provide the money that a new, big manager would want. And we’ve had enough of big managers over the last decade. Ashley deserves some credit for keeping his distance and staying calm and providing some funds in January which Hughton has used excellently.

Thanks Hughton, the squad, the fans, Ashley and the Championship. Howay the Premier League. 🙂


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