I won’t go into too much detail. Its surprising how apathetic you can become about the Premier League when your team isn’t in it. I maybe saw 40% less games than in previous seasons but while it was an interesting and closer season than usual, the quality was slightly lower even if the competition was equally intense.

The review below is brief and I have worked off realistic pre-season expectations only.

Excellent seasons

Fulham – Solid finish and great cup run. 
Bolton – Terrible team but stayed up fairly easily in the end. 
Stoke – Solid if ugly team and good finish.
Everton – Started badly but 8th place is their usual spot. 
Spurs – Harry will hopefully have bankrupted the club but they played as well as their players could. 
Chelsea – Won the double. With Essien back, they maybe be ageing but will still be there or there abouts. I predicted 1st so wohoo.
Blackburn – Terrible but effective team like their manager. 
Birmingham – Great run and top 10 finish. Never saw that. 

Good seasons

Man United – that United team is middling for United. Did very well with the injuries, average players and lack of goalscorers. 
Man City – Not bad considering their summer expenditure was mixed. 
Villa – What do they want? 6th is about right. Just lacking that glint of quality.  
Arsenal – A lot of injuries and a lack of goalscorer again hinders Wenger. He must take some blame there.  
Wolves – Stayed up. 

Ok seasons

Portsmouth – Played well under Grant 
Burnley – Poor team but enjoyed it. 
Wigan – Poor season but stayed up. 

Poor seasons

West Ham – Unfortunate for Zola but the squad is better than 17th.
Hull – Poor. Everything.
Sunderland – Spent a lot of money on a decent squad and the season wilted badly in the middle.
Liverpool – Need a new boss. Club has stalled but were better than the season showed. With a decent second striker and some better tactical substitutions, they would have just been top 4. 


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