“It was either the North Koreans, or it was the Martians.”

I love the Chinese spokesman’s comment that the sinking of a South Korean Navy frigate with the loss of 46 sailors was merely was unfortunate. Imagine if Taiwan did the same. We’d have a huge issue. 

I’ve been in North Korea and forget the soldiers at the DMZ. Most are kids in one-fits all uniforms, under nourished and unskilled. Time for China to get some credibility and South Korea should blow over North Korea. It will fall surprisingly easily, like a house of cards and it should be done before North Korea goes properly nuclear. 

China’s main worry is the flood of refugees North but in reality the Koreans will mainly flood south and South Korea is going to need a lot of help, financial and logistical to fix this one. Germany took years to fully integrate East Germany after years of neglect. But North Korea is far more desperate, uneducated and impoverished and South Korea doesn’t have the reserves to invest. But its about time this human stain was cleansed. 

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