I’d been in Cardiff for four months this year and left last weekend. It couldn’t come soon enough in some ways. Work was fine if uninspiring, Cardiff as a city could be summed up also the same. It really has no scene. Even Welshness is fairly muted there yet it does spring up when rugby or the Stereophonics are playing. Its very smallness could be considered cute or affecting but I found myself slightly bewildered by the sheer emptiness of it all.

Cardiff felt like a reasonably sized town rather than a capital or international city. The weekdays were predictably quiet. The city comes alive at the weekend as the streets fill and sway with the drunks from the valleys, creating an ork rampage of gaped-mouthed proportions. The pavements and roads are literally covered in shattered glass. Three burst bike tyres are testament to the lingering shards and the potholed roads.

The pavements of splintered glass. shard of unsophistication on a Friday night as the valleys arrive in the centre. Searching for answers I mused whether the council deliberately left the glass there to make the city sparkle come rain and shine but alas foresight and irony are not the hallmarks of local solicitors, GPs and former bus drivers.

Living with Luke and John was cool. The place is just about big enough and it was kept in reasonable shape despite the Anderson’s disjointed view of tidiness. It got slightly cramped when Luke’s first born Poppy arrived but the paraphernalia that comes with kids is phenomenal these days. It was time for me to leave.

So I leave again. With my bag on my back. My hat on my head. My eyes down the road. It all seems familiar but the excitement is there as usual. Yet this time the path is predictable and that what energises me. I don’t feel unnerved. University looks sorted in one way or another.

I left for Swindon to see my sister and her little ones. Trampolining, tractor videos, water pistols and barbecues. Now I am in Devon to work for a week before heading to Sheffield to see T and then down to Oxford for the summer. Finally after all that, I go up to Nottingham to live for the year with two Polish girls. The house in Nottingham is shaping up with Basia and possibly Milena coming in. A bit of a run around but I’ll get there in the end.

Hope to catch you along the way.


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