The French have really out-done themselves here

Domenech must be the worst manager in the history of football. I include Paul Gascoigne in that list, a man fired after 39 days for being drunk every day of it. But that’s Gazza. He shouldn’t have been anywhere near responsibility. Raymond Domenech has presided over the deterioration of a supremely talented team, strong in every position, dynamic in possession, organised in defence and with some of the best attacking talents in the world. Domenech simply lost control of this group who understood he was placed in his position without the pre-requiste track record of an international manager. Respect is earned and not given and no one in France respects Domenech.

The other factor that stands out are the strident egos of within the French team. All players have egos and some huge. That’s almost understandable considering how much they are paid and the adoration that goes with their job. But in the French team, they seem to have a significant group of wankers who have caused trouble at almost every club they have attended from Gallas, Ribery and Anelka. A strong leader is needed to keep this group intact and Domenech wasn’t that man.

Every player including the much vaunted goalkeeper had poor tournaments. France managed one goal against South Africa, Uruguay and Mexico. No push-overs but very beatable. Sarkozy will get involved as usual, after all its far easier to run your mouth than run the country. But ultimately its a footballing issue and Laurent Blanc may not have a clean slate but it can only get better.

Some fact below:

As the shadow of Zinedine Zidane lurks menacingly over French football, do you think Zizou knows this: That since 2002, Les Bleus have played eight matches without him in major championships, winning only once and failing to score in six of those games.


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