So Manchester City over-value another player, James Milner in this case and sell the talented chav Stephen Ireland to Aston Villa as part of the exchange. Nice of them to give something back you might say. Of course, Milner is worth nowhere near the £24m or so that was paid but he has come a long way from the 16 year old who scored the ‘wondergoal’ for Leeds.

But I don’t want to make this a long piece about football. The game doesn’t deserve the attention. It’s over-exposed and over-valued anyway. But I still admire the lack of intelligent and irony shown when the public school journalists put a microphone infront of the players and ask what generally under-educated players think of the world.

Roy Keane comes across as quite a lucid thinker, well aware of the media game. But even he is almost completely hypocritical at the best of times. Keane says what is right for the moment. Sadly he invariably has said the opposite the previous week. Football journalism is so lazy, dumb-downed and uninspiring that these contradictions are never picked up on unless it’s about destroying the latest manager. Keane would calmly say that tackle was disgusting but ignore any comment about his previous career tackling highlights.

But now, as tackling and contact is being weeded out the game, the irony comes from the flood of money in the game. Last year Newcastle were in the Championship and it all seemed a more honest place. Crowds sang old songs dating back decades, players were held on their feet by their own pride and hard-work wasn’t just appreciated but a given.

But back to Stephen Ireland, the pikey-ish Irishman who complained that Manchester City had shown no loyalty to him, passing him on to Aston Villa, a very good team in itself. Well of course they had paid his substantial wages during his long injury lay-off, supported him as he lied to the Irish FA about his granny dying (such loyalty there) and allowed him to waste that barely gotten salary to buy hideous looking cars and gifts for his average looking girlfriend. And now he complains that ‘City’s young players of wearing £10,000 watches and believing they are Premier League stars.’

Ahh the stupidity from the players and of course poor journalism from the giggling schoolboys.


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