ABC Report on the King of Thailand and Its Future

I’ve debated this issue numerous times with Tom Lavin, my great mate who lives in Bangkok. The King has been on the throne for over 60 years now and is seen as a symbol of continuity and traditionally a hero for the poor. That could only be about it as within his reign there have been 15 coups and 16 constitutions! For a man who is perceived to have such authority, he could have used it in some way to prevent or moderate such behaviour.

Coups and army interventions are disastrous for any country’s stability and economy. Thailand grew well under Thaksin who was thrown out  the for essentially being successful and democratically elected. The drugs trade in the North was curbed (a trade the Kings son has been implicated in) and he even tried to limit the sex trade in Thailand, a business that has produced a salacious reputation for country. Nothing the King has bothered to concern himself about.

Click here for the report which is mildly sensationalist but that’s Australian TV for you.


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