Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I watched this this afternoon with Basia. I laughed, squirmed, smiled, cuddled up to the cushion and occasionally hid behind it. There were lines I have heard and used. Situations I have been in from both sides and generally lines from the lothario Russell Brand and the heart-broken Jason Segel. Top stuff.

How did it happen… :)

As I am at University again and am noticing differences between this experience and my under-graduate one, I can reflect too on the extraordinary communicational changes over these years. For the first 2 years of university, I had no mobile phone. Only one person I knew there did and that was Duncan. He needed it apparently but he also had the money to ‘need’ it. Maz, my uni girlfriend didn’t have a phone either and so I wondered how we kept in contact. Patience has never been a virtue of mine so how did I handle this lack of communication opportunities. And as I thought I realised I couldn’t actually remember how we stayed in contact. The fact that I couldn’t remember must imply to a degree that it wasn’t such an issue. Patience was maintained. But I still needed to ask her.

Her reply was as follows…

“That’s so funny. I can’t remember either. I think we called each other from the house phone in the evenings and arranged to meet up now and then during the day in the bars or cafes. It was more exciting maybe. The thrill of a chance meeting. Would I see him today? Sometimes we’d hang out in strategic positions to maybe get the chance to see each other. It was better that way”

Living in an age of immediate communication, no one is unavailable. It develops dependencies that previously we didn’t have. Its near impossible to avoid questions unless you hike to the peak of that mountain in Kazakhstan. I guess as humans we get used to what we have. I certainly know as well that when I don’t have a phone or the internet, I soon enough don’t miss it. And simply find other things to do. That’s what I need to do now. Time to focus on work, play and developing my say.

As I rode home two days ago, I passed a girl walking on the pavement and thought I heard her crying. I stopped and asked if she was ok. Tears were streaming down her face. The answer was obvious. To get a truer answer sometime you have to let someone know they aren’t alone. So I told her about my week. The worst of my life. I made it humourous and modestly pointed out my failed perspective. She laughed regularly. For there is much to laugh at in my ‘dilemmas!’

So we walked for a mile or so first with me talking about my problems and then I asked her about hers. Aged 19 and unemployed, having left college and taken too many drugs, everything was shit she said. It was ironic for me to try to gently coax perspective into her. After all, she is only 19 and there is much to gather, much to assimilate and learn. I just pointed out that all is not lost and don’t let anyone tell her so.

We parted when she met her friend and I got back on my bike and cycled the few hundred metres to my lovely flat. Pleased to have possibly understood and hopefully helped. Its all I can do.