Funny what a weekend can do for you. Maybe it was the weekend, the new people I met or maybe something else.

So I have a new jacket. Its cool. It rocks and is undoubtedly the harbinger of good times. On Saturday, I had lunch with my little sister for the first time in too, too long. Maybe 4 or 5 years. I took her to a Japanese restaurant that served okonomiyaki, a type of Japanese pancake/omelette that is surprisingly hard to find outside Japan. I really don’t know why.

I went to an awesome party on the Saturday night, the kind that Alex can only create. When i returned to Nottingham, I went to the library and wrote my essay! Amazing. Monday night I took time out from writing to watch a film called Burma VJ about the undercover reporters in the Monk’s revolt of 2007. Truly brave souls.

I returned home and watched the end of a bizarre French film with Basia and found without touching anything, the wifi was now working with my laptop. Ha. It hadn’t for 6 weeks and the next morning it continued to work.

I had a text message the previous week from T which frankly annoyed me by being suggestive of a lot but in reality was backed up by nothing. Quoting a lyric is not enough even if the sentiment was warming. But I now decide to look on it as a nice gesture which I won’t be following up.

Today I write again and write lucidly. Tonight its Gaslight Anthem, the American rock band. This weekend, Pedro arrives from Barcelona for some beers, perfectly timed as my essays are due Friday. Next week, I am off to Manchester to see The Tallest Man on Earth on Friday and The National on Saturday. Some weekend. My future wife 😉 Mirella is coming to visit the week after I hope and finally the week after, the week university finishes for the semester, Basia, Linden and I will head down to Cardiff to see The Arcade Fire rip it up.

Thats some month. Some activity and something to genuinely look forward to. I blame the jacket!


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