Wow first of December already and I am still patient. The snow has settled on the ground, the country has ground to a near halt and I have been busy in the midst of gig-season, making plans for Christmas and the new year and making those final decisions about next year.

The course has been so easy that it actually inspires me to write some greatness. My dissertation will be about Indonesia and the issues of sovereignty and independence is such a vast country. I am tailoring my modules to accommodate this 20,000 word epic. I am meeting some independence leaders and filmmakers over the next few weeks to broaden and confirm my thoughts. The rest of the essays seem fairly easy to write.

My search for consilience over the years has given me such a rounded knowledge that I find myself bringing together literature, history, economic, politics, international relations as well as healthy dose of realised realism to my writing. I am also still though an optimist at heart.

I’ve seen a few band recently and had a few friends over. Pedro came from Barcelona for the weekend seeing a lovely husband-wife duo called Rue Royale followed by a truly great, punk-rock band from New Jersey, Titus Andronicus. Earlier in the week, Basia and I saw Gaslight Anthem. And last weekend, the Tallest Man on Earth and The National truly rocked our worlds in Manchester. I’ll put the reviews up here as soon as they are published.

I’ve been writing for the university magazine, a mildly shallow rag, shaped like any modern magazine for the modern era. Too little issues and features and too much fashion and generality. It is also reflective of the university itself. Very little about the significant foreign student network and little about the 9,000 post-grads. I could write about numerous issues but so far have focused on music reviews, North Korea and sport. Light-work indeed but I’ve needed to get my head in the door of what seems like a tight clique. Next I want to tackle East Timor and some issues to do with modern travelling and modern life and the lack of clamour in modern society for each other.

So what to do next..well I need to work. Need to write these essays and some free writing. The end of year blog will go up soon too as well as some photos though I sadly have fewer than I wish. I want to get away as well, somewhere I haven’t been. India or Colombia are the favourites. Time and money will tell. Need the latter asap!

Happy December.


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