Live Review: Cloud Nothings at Spanky Van Dykes – 23/02/11

Will put up some articles from the Uni magazine I’ve written over the past few weeks. Have a gander at the link as well for the website. Cheers!

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Cloud Nothings are touring their second album in two years and as a result, rolled into Spanky Van Dyke‘s small upstairs room last week. A smallish but enthusiastic crowd greeted them, and we were soon privileged to a frenetic hour set from the boys.

I say ‘boys’, because singer-songwriter Dylan Baldi is only 19; yet, he is sure to be one of the next big things of our generation. Happily joking with the crowd throughout the set, his three-minute lo-fi tunes are simple yet very effective, helped by his repeating, chanting choruses.

The set rollicked along with emphatic tunes such as ‘Understand At All’, ‘Not Important’ and ‘Should Have’, all reflecting Baldi’s never-ending obsession with teen angst and belief. With two acclaimed albums under his belt already, Baldi’s sound and popularity will surely broaden as he enters his third decade. This gig at Spanky’s only confirmed that belief.


Dan Adams

…Dan has been listening to: Datarock – ‘Give It Up’


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