I’ll keep it short. I’m trying to correct an essay, watch the Japanese film Norwegian Wood based on the Murakami book, get some sleep and think over three pieces I’m trying to write for the magazine. They concern a page about working/volunteering abroad, a double page on music around the world sung in English and a feature article about Love. I put Love in capitals deliberately as its important. To me and everyone else. After long discussions about relationships and love with various friends around the world and some awesome new ones I’ve made in Nottingham, I came to some conclusions, started writing on the bus and and its coming together. I’ll let you know more as I write it.

I’m also moving house. The girls are moving to a nearby flat and I am checking into the spare room at a mate’s place in Lenton. I need to find some work too as I’ve blown all my cash on good times. And they have been really good. I feel totally at home right now and love my days at uni, the endless meetings, chat and teas I consume. Even the essays (I have four) are coming along nicely. Want to get 2/3 done before the start of April.

Had a scrumptious roast lunch today with girls from my course. Its all flowed nicely. The parties and people. Like it always does. Its travelling without moving. Travelling-lite. Easy peasy.

More to say about Japan, thoughts on uni, summer plans and everything else but thats for soon.


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