Nottingham Semester 2

I’ve been here six months now in Nottingham. The fastest 5 months of my life for sure. Has been quite incredible. Essays written. Exams merited. Gigs attended. Bars found. Friends made. Plays attended. Articles written. House parties caroused. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Now I am part of the furniture. A known face. Its quite hilarious. I wish it wouldn’t end.

Well it hasn’t yet but things are changing. I’m moving house this week. Into Lenton, a poor attempt at a studentland but nevertheless, the best they have here. The weather has picked up and its now t-shirt time :). Next its flipflops and sunnies. Jesus, summer is on its way.

I am broke financially and so off to work asap. Got 3 more essays to write followed by one exam. Then its chilled out time before Oxford. I am mulling over the next phase. Simply depends on money, people and whether I get this scholarship to Indonesia. So its either a September or Janaury Uni start in the UK or Netherlands, a research project about Bosnia all followed by a PhD attempt. Lets see 🙂


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