The Joys of Just Thinkin’ and Drinkin’

So why was this last semester so good? Well as mentioned before, the last five months in Nottingham and generally at Uni were excellent. It took a month to find my feet but when I did, it all went so fast with such variety. This last semester in particular changed my outlook.

The academic focus shifted to more sociology from migration, NGOs and globalisation and an international relations module called disaster politics. Not only are the modules far more global in perspective but the group I study with are nicer, more varied and make up a good team. We socialise together, help each other with essays and party. I’m also auditing a post-colonialism module taught by Colin Wright, a really impressive man.

I’ve got 4 more essays to write but they are under control. Then one last, the dissertation at 15,000 words is a challenge but I think I can meet it.

I’ve said friends with the people from the first semester (Leanne, Josh, Oscar and the critical theory crew) and built on it. Guys like Edan, Arthur, Sam, Keaton and Wei are all laid-back and fun. The girls (Laura, Elena, Dena, Kat, Heather, Ces and Cat) are all fun and out-going. Its a warm atmosphere.

I’m involved much more closely with the magazine, contributing more travel, music, news and commentary and socialising with them. I’ve put up a few articles up here and there are more to come. Ones about Love, Ronda and world music. Rosie, Ellie, Ruth and Claudia have all proved great fun with jabber with. I’ve made friends with Vicky too.

Other activities include going to Vivali, bbq or picnics in the park, a night at the theatre, seeing Bright Eyes and the Wombats and a whole host of random occasions.

Pedro, Oli and Sarah came up to visit. Joe is over next month, Linden should be over and the new guys I live with in Lenton seem cool.

And I’ve learnt a lot. Ultimately it has just been nice to sit back and gather a framework round your ideas. Its like a Sunday in the pub, sitting with like minded people every day. Its all been pretty damn good. 😀


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