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Talking to a friend a few years back, he advised me to write and by write he meant everyday. Something. Anything. Reflective or a prognosis. I took that on board and tried and lost my way. But that was then. For the last month I’ve written 200-300 words on topics as diverse as the Arctic Monkeys, the IMF, love and responsibility, North Korea, Fear and Terror in Argentina, football and George Monbiot. I’ll start throwing them up here soon and link the blog to facebook. I can’t promise they’ll change your world but just to make people pause for a moment is enough.

See ya soon.

As well as the awesome people I met over the last 6 months or so in Nottingham, I would like to briefly thank but be eternally grateful to my old mates who managed to visit. So I’m talking about Ollie, Sarah, Pedro, Steve, Scotty and Joe as well as catching up with Mirella, Maz and Mary over the year. Ahh it’s been fun. More on Uni mates soon. Its not completely over yet.:)

I’m for the Admiral…

I just did something exceptional. I voted Admiral Ackbar for manager of the year. Not for his European sexventure but on the basis of one game. Now I loathe Spurs in a manner similar to Hitler and Stalin disliked certain people/tribes/races but when everyone was busy s’cking Kenny’s very old fella, Harry took his team into a must win away game and won it easily. On the basis of that nous, he got my vote.

Jack Warner resigns and apparently that’s just it

Fifa vice-president Jack Warner has resigned, world football’s governing body has confirmed according to the BBC.

“As a consequence of Mr Warner’s resignation, all ethics committee procedures against him have been closed and the presumption of innocence is maintained,” said a Fifa statement. Warner was suspended pending an investigation into bribery allegations.

What a typical fucking shambles. So resigned for one of two reasons I am guessing;

1. He was innocent but the love the game meant he didn’t want to drag this out.
2. He is guilty and knows it and this way he gets to keep the money and FIFA don’t have to play it out.

Naturally it’s #2 but the fact that FIFA then deem that his behaviour is not unimportant because it no longer embarrasses them in public is shameful. The while old-school management structure is a sham. So damn typical of Europe and the rest. Having watched the Senna documentary the other week and seeing Senna’s battles with the blatantly partisan former leadership, its time for the rug to be pulled out from under FIFA. I suspect we’d find a lot under there.

So I’ve left Nottingham now. I might make the odd return to the library and see friends but basically that’s that. And damn its been fun especially since January after which I found myself a good team, got involved with the magazine, understood the city, later moved house to Lenton and wallowed in the pleasant odour of plentifulness. Plenty of nights out, barbecues and parties. I was on campus far more, less isolated than before and met a very good crowd with whom I could deviate.

The year has been so fast. Its difficult to grasp its half-wholeness. Andalucia with V was nearly four months ago. That’s the time I really can’t fathom. But while I may never fully understand, I suppose we can never really except to say Joy and bright minds can lead you far. The course in the second semester was far more challenging and interesting but I never struggled, instead content to load up my essay with movie, music and love references. I wanted my teachers to finish them with a smile on their face. Maybe hug their partners and open a bottle of wine. They were a labour of love but without the humbug. I wrote about people, how to improve our lives, bring us together and to some understanding. I can’t fault my love.

So now I have my dissertation building a case to conceptually destroy Cameron’s Big Society, highlighting inherent and possible deliberate malevolence. I like some of the ideas. Its trying to build social capital and cohesion, an admirable cause and certainly one I support. But building capital requires capital not just good will and hope.  I don’t think Cameron is only trying to reduce the state through Big Society, using some outward chatter and inwards malice. But I also don’t think ‘Britain is broken.’ It is strained under the pressures of neo-liberal capitalism and modern conveniences. We are now so connected and yet see each other less. We are a clan species traditionally to rely on each other for forage and to keep the wolves at bay. Our pre-historic genes remain the indifference to ‘progress’ but we spend our time behind firewalls, constantly told there are dangers to avoid. Its depressing but look at us in summer, sitting the park smiling and laughing. And we do this instinctively because we arent broken. Just downtrodden and isolated. Change the rhetoric and let’s move on from there.

But you’ll have to read this masterpiece when its finished. I wanna do Charlie’s too :). The mind is pretty clear. And for that I’m grateful. Its good to be me right now. I’m lucky. The future involves possibly moving more into law, especially humanitarian law working on project to initiate a shift from emergency or long-term development to national sovereignty and sustainable development outside of the present system. Small scale projects are helpful but the poor fundamentals of African/Asia poverty (Africa is poorer now than in 1960) means we are clearly doing a lot wrong. Having fucked Africa once, we shouldn’t be doing it again.

I need to talk to some friends, either Gearoid, Sean, Gemma, Aaron, Si, Cath and Michele before I commit to this. We’ll see. All is well.