Death at Glastonbury

I’m not talking about the main stage here. A man in his fifties was found dead in a VIP toilet. It could only be someone of repute, possibly in the music business taking coke and dying on the toilet. It all reminds me of Don Simpson, the producer of Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop and Footloose. Later it was announced to be Christopher Shale, the head of the Oxford Conservatives, Cameron’s local chairman. He’s met his Portaloo you could say. A shocking joke I know.

Further to this, the festival itself is now such a summer institution that on the main stage it can afford to move away from the cutting edge of music and simply bring entertainment to the masses. There is no point complaining about it. The ticket price should grant you a huge show. And the other stages still host excellent bands. I just wish it didn’t take so long to get to them. Possibly we could borrow those VIP carts. Should be a few free.


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