Same Old City. Same Old Newcastle

The BBC described it as same old United but for me it was it would be more accurate to say same Old Man City. Yet again Lescott proved he isn’t close to world class losing Smalling for the first goal and then Putting his hand up like an idiot. How he ever makes the England squad I don’t know. Smalling must be ahead of Richards as well now.

Man City lost after going two-nil up so again their collective strength must be looked at. Up front they are weak, Toure showed why Barca laughed at £27m. Kompany who I rate had an off-day and Balotelli will be off soon-ish ad should never have been bought. And yet again, Adam Johnson needs to start. Beyond Hart, Kompany, Silva and Johnson, Man City aren’t good enough despite all the money they have spent. Mancini will be fired by the end of the season.

Far too early to laud United yet but they clearly have a better youth scheme now, a fresher team, more tactical and positional awareness and a better work ethic. None of that was bought either. They are still far behind the likes of Barcelona but this is an improving team. Carrick’s day might not be over but his lynchpin role is.

Further North, Newcastle is proving itself to be the usual shambles. I actually thought those days may be in the past but alas at least we are consistent. Pardew was never going to be good enough. Being employed with experience gained as Ashley’s casino buddy is ridiculous. He never had the faith of the fans or it seems the players.

Releasing Barton is disappointing but he really can’t keep his mouth shut. Selling Carroll was a-given after a £35m bid. He had to go. Losing Nolan, a real team player, goalscorer and leader is very disappointing. Jose Enrique will inevitably leave and anyone else on high wages. The incoming players get lower wages but they do have the look of West Ham players. We aren’t building for the future but to fix Ashley’s overdraft. This season is going to be a struggle.


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