Dom the Sex King released. Run for Cover Ladies!!

So DSK, Dominique Strauss-Khan gets away with it. Of course I mean the judge dropped the charges after massive inconsistencies from the accuser, a hotel maid from Guinea. DSK gets his passport back and can finally return to France where his welcome will be interesting to note.

His life will be very different now. Previous almost the left’s President candidate-elect, his political future is uncertain. After all, no one is doubting he had sex with a hotel maid, then went off to meet his daughter for lunch before attempting to fly back to France and his wife. That’s just how Dom the Sex King rolls.

He won’t get his old job back. The IMF, a conservative American, sorry I mean world institution won’t want to be brought into the spotlight. Someone might make the connection that neither of them have any fucking morals. ‘Scuse my French.

Besides they have a new boss anyway. Another French politician because when you are a world body that is prefers blanket policies and patronises and ignores other cultural and economic circumstances, you need either the French or an American and by custom the Americans run the World Bank.

But even at home in his Paris boudoir, Sexy Dom is attracting women….to sue him for sexual assault or rape. Two trials are upcoming. Normally he would be forgiven but Dom committed one great moral sin here. His dalliances got noticed, reported and exposed. Its not frowned on in France to have affairs. But by custom they aren’t reported on. Its a different moral code. So that’s why it was fine for Nick Sexkozy to campaign for and win the Presidency as a family man and then two weeks later divorce his wife to stand on his tippy-tip toes with Carla Bruni.

Politically DSK is in the wilderness too. The Socialists are holding their Presidential candidate vote in October but this sexual bulldozer missed the deadline to put his name down. He could help out, act as an economic advisor to the clueless socialists but with feelings amongst French women running high, (more in anger than passion DSK, not that that ever mattered to him), his political career looks over.

Its a curious nature of French and Italy politics. Ask an Italian about Silvio Berlusconi and they will call him an idiot probably throwing up their shoulders and twisting their wrists outward. Mention the Bunga Bunga parties with 18 year old hookers called Ruby and Italian women will throw up an arm to the heaven and walk away in disgust. The men will make some feeble reproach and then lean forward and add quietly ‘ but have you seen Ruby?’

So we have two methods here; Silvio – I’ll pay don’t worry; and the Dom, ‘you may not know you want it so I’ll help’ method. Maybe Dom the Sex King and then soon to retire Bunga Bunga King can get together and set up their party. Call themselves the Bunga Sex Kings or something. Must be some votes in it. Or they could just throw a party. They’ve 137 years between them. They must known some people right?

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