Troll Hunter

Watch it. That’s about it. I saw it a few months ago but it still lingers. It’s a curious mix of mockumentary, a teen horror flick in the forest (can’t remember its name) and Jurassic Park, all patched up with shaky camera work and surprisingly convincing grainy, special effects for a low-ish budget film. I won’t go into a review too. After all, it is just a monster movie but it is worth a viewing even just for the funny Norwegian accents 🙂

While I am here, I’ll add some more films I’ve seen over the last few months:

Hanna –  Run Lola Run meets the Bourne Identity – entertaining.

Hobo with a Shotgun – Grindhouse movie with Rugter Hauer taking revenge on a family of thugs. – ridiculous.

Submarine – a nerdy, awkward teen film with a decent soundtrack, an unannoying monologue (which is rare) and some nice cute moments that make you smile.


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