My Very Late 2010 Review!

Yeah, I know its a bit late. Very weird year. Living in 5/6 different places but generally enjoying immensely. Gonna throw up all the pics on fb today 🙂

Favourite conversation

When Nadya’s boyfriend pretended to be Nadya on MSN

Wiling away the evenings with Mirella in Oxford.

Talking consilience with Claudia after too much of too much in Berlin.

Talking to Maz about relationships. Hilarious. 

Favourite moments

Working at Oxford

The National in November 

Arcade Fire in December

Night out on Brick Lane in December

Haven’t seen in years highlights

Rich Thyne in Nottingham. Fellow hit squad member after 9 years or so.

Maz. After 8 years we sat down and had an awesome, lovely little lunch. 

Most beautiful place 

Petra in Jordan. Better this time too with Linden.

Greatest animal moment

Riding a horse in Egypt. I say greatest but I was a bit nervous up there.

Best cities

Berlin again. 4 times in 2010! 


Greatest gigs

So many gigs this year. Has to be The Arcade Fire though in Cardiff. Totally brilliant. Spoon, The National and Vampire Weekend were amazing too.

Favourite New Music  

Titus Androncius, Free Energy, Fang Island

Best Boozer

Kings Arms in Oxford saw a lot of me. Eagle and Child too.

Funniest conversation

Talking to the Israeli Bill Murray in Jerusalem

Best night-out

Night-out with Linden and Anissa in Berlin in Janaury.

Absinthe with Claudia in Berlin

Ragingly drunk night out 

See above, 

In Berlin to see The National #1,

With Jeroen in Den Haag

Best films of the Year

Mary and Max, Up!

Biggest disappointments

Messing a few things up 😉 meh!

WTF night?

Night out with Jeroen and the boys in Den Haag. Stuff got broken

Best new buddies met

Jorden, Pedro, Mirella, Rob, Lucija,

Best place stayed

Luke’s place in Cardiff, 

Hertford College, Oxford

Cultural experience

Palestine – Bethlehem was spooky. Or the Shabbat meal in Jerusalem.

Best food

Hummus in Jerusalem

Linden’s food in Berlin

Greatest every cloud has a silver lining day

Night out with AC in October

Most interesting journey 

To Haifa with Nadya. Bus, local bus, hitchhike through town.

Feel like I am travelling again moment

Running for the tram in the snow with Linden going to Tel Aviv

Bags packed in Oxford, heading north.

Learn Much? 

Yeah. Its been good.

See you this year.

Dan xx


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