Ed Milliband

I’ll update this as the speech goes along.

I’ve only just got back to watch this. Despite his schoolboy look and the lisp, Milliband has impressed to a degree. Of course its easier to look dynamic when you aren’t in power or even close but his speech is littered with some solid ideas taking about more intervention into the economy.

I liked his statement about the tender system in the UK. While almost all other countries favour their companies in the tender process with the understanding of the social consequences of the economic system. The handing of the contract to Siemens over Bombardier resulted in 3,000 jobs lost in Derby. 3,000 workers on the dole with the benefit pay-outs that entails, the loss of skills, pride and health implications. They are huge and yet it is always the overt economic interests that remains paramount under too many governments including Labour.

The focus on the continuing privatisation of the health service is correct. Colin Leys has written widely about this. While Labour continuing the free market into the NHS, with their history, they could never move to the lengths Cameron is.

The section about student tuition fees joking about Dick Clegg making promises he couldn’t keep was fairly short and inconsequential. He promised to help, open access etc, maintain fees at a lower level. He has the Universities on his side judging by the news today.

Terrible song at the end! You got the love:) Not a bad speech though Ed still looks fairly bland when speaking. While the analysis is there, plenty of questions about how fairness and responsibility are to succeed remain.


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