The Tallest Man on Earth

Oh but rumor has it that I wasn’t born, I just walked in one frosty morn.
Into the vision of some vacant mind

I’ve been listening to The Tallest Man on Earth recently after a prolonged break for various technical (sound on lappie and MP3 not working for starters) reasons. I’m also finally getting my guitar back rather than playing my knackered five-stringer right now. A little like a Milan Kundera character, he sings in mystical prose what you’ve been thinking but are unable to articulate. But while his lyrics make take a reading to fully understand, like a Girls review I wrote recently, his ability as a man to use his words to open himself up and expose his feelings without fear is honest and heart-warming. Ahh you gotta smile! I love this guy.

Mike Holland just informed me of this too


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