Amanda Knox Released

Amanda Knox and her presumably ex-boyfriend were freed tonight after being acquitted of the murder of Meredith Kercher. I haven’t followed the case in such detail but what amazed me throughout was the language used by the prosecution. Knox was openly demonised as some walking personification of evil. She was named a ‘witch of deception’ and ‘diabolical.’

The evidence seemed odd anyway. Kercher was said to be murdered in a sex game that went wrong. I mean how wrong is wrong? Wrong seems like the condom broke. Or they all weren’t really into it. A game that ends in oe of the participants being sexual assaulted and having her throat cut is more than wrong to me.

The police thought Knox’s behaviour was odd after the murder. And it was. She did cartwheels and seemed unconcerned. She was stoned of course but I can still understand to a degree. Reminding me of Camus’ character Meursault in his existentialism classic The Stranger. We expect everyone to go quiet and into shock when you hear about a murder. But I’m not sure that’s always can be the case. At times, you can feel little beyond surprise and shouldn’t be categorised as inhuman. We get de-sensitized to it all.

The only convicted suspect is Rude Guede, their dealer. He admitted the murder and got 16 years after appeal (compared to Knox who got 26 years). He also said Knox helped him murder Kercher. That seems like a better angle for the prosecution. Their previous language smacked of desperation which got stronger as the DNA evidence fell apart.

What happens next depends on whether the prosecution decide to appeal to the Supreme Court. The judge in this case was certainly more sympathetic to Knox than in previous cases. Professional pride might force the prosecution on anyway. Either way, its murkier and sadder than it goes along.


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