BBC Running Scared!!

Within 10 minutes of writing on this BBC blog, it was closed to more comments. Only one person had time to comment after me but 1070 had commented before.

The reason it was closed is the following;

The blog by Kate Fox, social anthropologist told us;

‘I would like to see a complete change of focus, with all alcohol-education and awareness campaigns designed specifically to challenge these beliefs – to get across the message that a) alcohol does not cause disinhibition (aggressive, sexual or otherwise) and that b) even when you are drunk, you are in control of and have total responsibility for your actions and behaviour.’

However I pointed out that Kate Fox founded the Social Issues Resources Centre whose main funder is MCM Research whose clients include Bass Taverns, the Brewers and Licensed Retail Association, the Cider Industry Council, the Civil Aviation Authority, Conoco, Coral Racing, Grand Metropolitan Retail, the Portman Group (jointly funded by Bass, Courage, Guinness, etc), Pubmaster, Rank Leisure, and Whitbread Inns, as well as several Australian brewing concerns and several independent television companies. (source: )

In short, she is in the pay of the drinks industry.

Its interesting that the BBC immediately stopped the blog. The question to be the BBC is, did they not do the research on Kate Fox or make a mistake? In which case, an apology would be nice for allowing the alcohol industry to attempt to contradict the BMJ and present its case for drinking alcohol behind the facade of social research.

The BBC blog is below


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