Hmmmm…thanks and update

I should add this blog went past 1,000 views in 3 months last week so thank you for that. Its been fairly dominated by music and films of late which is quite odd so I’ll try to balance it up over the next few weeks. Got plenty of articles in reverse, just lacking the time to polish them. I need to write the story of falling in love with the girl who sold bread too. (weird I know)

While I’m here, I’ll add some news. I’m sat in the uni library avoiding work. As you can see on the Prof blog below, I’m busy working with my Professor Hug on how to promote state mutliculturalism in Switzerland without antagonising political tensions. I’ve learnt more about the Swiss than I thought there was to know and its pretty bizarre at times. My knowledge of human right law might be useful soon. The system for immigrants is unsustainable. More on that later.

More pleasing I caught up with Anna in Brighton and Linden in the US recently and will see/speak to Jane, Mirella and Christine very soon. Met up with Pedro, Luke and Rob in Cardiff for a night out as well as AC for a random night in Shoreditch. MA results are out soon but not too bothered. I know I’ve done alright. Still kind of amazed how easy it was and so I’m aware of how much better I could have done, should I have done some reading, gone to lectures or just in general put a bit more effort in (nice sentence). Still it was immense fun.

Beyond that I’m at a conference next weekend for development and migration and to see Jane, meeting the boys for the boxing the weekend after, then planning a trip to the continent to visit Amsterdam Uni and see some old friends there and in Frankfurt. I’ve gotta get back in time for a Human Rights Conference including the crazy man of philosophy Slavoj Zizek. December has work and Barcelona for New Year (staying at a mates place there) before 2012 takes me abroad and back to work and Uni. More on that as I learn myself.

Talking to Jon Godber, I mentioned how last November on the weekends I saw Titus Androncius, Tallest Man on Earth, The National, Laura Marling, Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire. This year, its all enjoyable work, development conferences, travel and sorting out next year. Tis all good. Its been some year. Just got get a gig though asap! Recommendations approved of.

Oh yeah and been ill. Had surgery. I’m never ill. WTF?


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