Rugby Balls

The media didn’t like Johnson. Johnson never liked the media and according to this piece, sections of the press didn’t like the way Ashton was fired. If I remember rightly though, the media never liked Ashton yet they prefer for him to be stabbed in the front where they can drool rather than the back which is the RFU-coward standard mode of operation.

But this isnt politics. The media dont win games like they do elections. The coaches and the players do as long as they beat the opposition which seems to be left out of this equation. Bottom line is are our players and coaches better than France in NZ, Ireland away and Wales away? The answer is clearly not in Ireland’s case and almost in France and Wales’ case.

So we’re not world beaters which the French almost were. Big deal, get used to it. Have you seen the squad recently? Rugby like a lot of modern sports is won by the small decisions, the faints and subtleties, the luck and the minor physical advantages. We weren’t quite good enough on the field often and occasionally at all.

On the field, there are 15 players to play against, equally keen to win this 80 minute war. There is only so much you can control after you factor in the weather and the referee. Johnson was let down by his players which is beyond his control to a degree but importantly he was let down by the shambolic facade of a ruling body, the RFU, a club that hasn’t moved on from the boys-only network.


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