The Original Woody Allen

Woody Allen is generally known for his awkward romantic or psychological and whimsical comedies with various modern actors essentially playing Woody. However he started out as a surreal comedian, a man with ridiculous jokes. Let’s call him a fast talking, Jewish Peter Cook. The guy was genuinely funny before he went romantic-funny, whiny funny and cerebral funny, neither of which tickles the bone like surreal, ridiculous funny.

In honour of this, I’ve watched 3 of his original comedies, the ones which made his name before he ‘matured’. These comedies, Bananas, Everything You Want to Know About Sex and Sleeper are little short of hilarious, totally ridiculous send-ups of American foreign policy, sex and James Bond.

Bananas showed great foresight as the US organises the murder of a South American leader and replaces him with a lackey, something that occurred two years later in Chile. EYWKASex has at least three scenes of ridiculosity involving a jester, a good-looking Armenian sheep and a giant boob. Sleeper is a James Bond spoof and very apt.

Look Them Up!


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