Films Consumed

Films seen recently…

Tintin – it just sorta happens and then you move on. Slick and mildly uninteresting 3/5

Mission Impossible 4 – big budget, flashy and sometimes ridiculous, MI4’s gadgetry takes away from the modest story involving saving the world. It’ll never compete with the Bourne films but its entertaining. 4/5

The Treasure of Sierra Madre – Bogart in the Mexican desert searching for gold with his compatriots but the real story is about greed as Bogie becomes suspicious of everyone and everything in his quest to secure his wealth. Great, tough film. 5/5

Piranaha 3D – Ridiculous, cheap, silly, fun, gory. well worth it. 4/5

Hugo – Its endearing but strangely seems to take a long time to get nowhere in particular. You can’t help thinking if this was French-made it would be far funnier and cuter and with a more satisfying ending. French films always play out ‘in the now’ while US films tend to be about finding who you are by looking into the past for some reassurance. The French define themselves in this life. Americans in the past. Think Buddhism. 3/5

Tower Heist – I’m not sure this was meant to be funny. It succeeded. 1/5

Outrage – Takeshi Kitano shoots his way through the entire cast by the end but the beginnings of the film well-highlight the mundaneness of business even for the Yakuza. 3/5

Silent Running – a slightly odd 70s environmental film set in space with Bruce Dern killing off the crew in a bid to save his cultivated greenhouse. Some nice model work. 3/5

The Great Dictator – I’ll end on the best film I’ve seen for a while. Charlie Chaplin’s talkie satirisingĀ fascism, totalitarianism and Hitler long before anyone else saw the dangers. Its very funny but also deeply clever and sad and at times beautifully rendered especially the scenes involving the globe and the final speech. 5/5


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