Clarkson and that other cu#t Cameron

Jeremy Clarkson may be a tool (and hate his manner and TV shows) but can I complain about the complaints for a second? I mean come on, sure he was merely being reflective of a horrible, twatish, nerdy Loaded magazine demographic, the kind of moron who laugh at shit jokes and make crass comments about a waitress when she leaves their table but ultimately I don’t think he was literally advocating shooting people. The guy is a moron, no better than the average tram racist, just better educated and more careful about his words.

However he has apologised, should be kicked off TV for a while and the complainers should get something else to do. Sadly it will likely help Clarkson. It further his ‘no style rebel image’ amongst his boring demographic who incidentally worship him for his directness but never had his advantages in life. Its coming up to Xmas too. I’m sure it’ll all help the book/DVD sales concerning being an obnoxious twat and driving another car down another road.

Of course the real issue here is that Clarkson is reflecting but hiding his class bias. Clarkson’s criticisms of the strikers and his snub-nosed response to the question ‘any of your friends involved in the strikes?’ indicate a lot. He has nothing to lose or question from the present system and therefore every one else must be a loser in this zero-sum game. Don’t kid me that neo-liberal capitalism has trickle-down for it clearly doesn’t. But even simpler than that, not questioning a system makes the man as banal as could be.

David Cameron answered some questions from celebrities (I know!) recently in The Guardian. The first question was from David Mitchell who asked ‘do you sometimes wish you weren’t as posh?’ This is a great question for it immediately forces Cameron to pretend he is not the son of a line of stockbrokers and connected to the Queen (5th cousin). His answer was an example of Dave’s every man personality. Dave (we’re all friends) talked of his humble origins and the sacrifices his parents made to get him to Eton, Oxford and a place in Conservative Central Office alongside his best mate George Osborne (interestingly born Gideon Oliver to the 17th Baronet).

I remember the word sacrifice having genuine resonance once rather than a trade-off between an iPhone 4S or waiting for the iPhone5. Maybe like jumping on a grenade to save your fellow soldiers. Or selling your car to fund your children’s university. Or working 2 jobs including in a cafe to fund your kids. That’s a sacrifice to me but like the bastardisation (or relativism) of all words in the name of free speech in this consumerist age, the consumer is right especially if you have the power to ignore the consequences.


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