Khan Fails Under Pressure

Two title fights and two losses for English fighters, Carl Froch and Amir Khan. The shock reverberated around SkySports but if you know the game, you’d have known these losses were understandable for differing reasons. So much so, I bet on both winners.

Froch’s loss was the most predictable. While a tough and reasonably skilled fighter, he reached his level with Kessler, a fight he lost, just. But Andre Ward his opponent last weekend is a clear league above anyone in the division including Bute, the ‘other guy,’ not in the Super Six Super Middleweight Tournament. Bute has skills and will challenge Ward but Ward can do it all.

Tough, fit, skilful at range and happy to mix it. A winner at the 2004 Olympics, at 27 years he’s going to dominate the division for the next few years. He’s not an all-time great and probably won’t be. The division is too weak but he has the skills to be champion for a few years to come.

Khan’s loss was less predictable but always was eminently possible. Peterson is very good, tough and determined. He showed the kind of heart that befits his background of homelessness. Khan right now, after losing a decision is showing the spoilt child side. He got drawn into his fight, displayed arrogance but lacked nous. Fighting in his opponent’s hometown was brave, some say stupid. The decision was close but Khan simply took too may shots to be a clear winner.

Khan is coming across worse and worse. He fought well but inappropriately and then spoke completely out of place. He should have saved that talk for after the ring. He’s acting like a spoilt child and no doubt he pulls out the racism card in this country. But soon enough the Americans will get tired of that attitude too. He wont be able to fall back on the same excusing making there. They’ll see through that.

His level was exposed. He’s just about the best in the division despite this defeat. I’m sure he will win the rematch but stepping up to challenge Floyd Mayweather, the best fighter of the century , maybe greater than Roy Jones Junior and therefore the greatest since Sugar Ray Leonard in the early 1980s is far beyond Khan and even his ego.


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