2012 Resolutions

According to a friend, you aren’t meant to reveal them but as resolutions always fit into my five-year plans, I don’t mind revealing them. Test me at the end of the year šŸ˜‰

1. Year of Spanish

Being in Barcelona recently highlighted how much I understand but also how frustrated I could be with my responses. So alongside seeing friends, Colombia and the rest of South America serve as a platform for living, breathing and studying Spanish this year.

2. Japanese exams

I’ve been talking about taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Tests for years and finally I am gonna do them. I’ll have to brush up a lot especially on my kanji but it should be ok. Ask why I’m doing them? Well I loved my time in Japan, I love the language and the whole culture surrounding it.

3. More patient/drink less/less social networking

Patience is indeed a virtue and it’s one I lack. Being impatient has its benefits of course. Its got me very far but I need to be more generous with others at times especially their knowledge rather than bruise my way through life. Drinking less is simply practical. I want to use the money for other means and have so much reading to do, notes to make and collate, I want to be lucid. Social networking to stop wasting time as much as I love communication. That said, I’m buying a tablet of some sort in the US so who knows.

4. 10km

I wanna do a 10km run of sorts. The distance isn’t a problem. It’s just the discipline to do it.

5. Prepare for LLM/PhD/MA

The next stage. Could be any or neither but if it happens, then I want to be fully prepared. I need to confirm where too. That I should know by April.

The long-lost people I want to see (more than 2 years) : Gabriel, Seb, Michele, Beau, Dave, Trish, Emma D, Si.

Gonna be a very good year. Hope to see you

As LCD Soundsystem would say ‘ just do it right. Make it perfect and real.’

If I don’t see you, think of this line;

‘You might forget, forget the sound of our voices. But you should not forget, no don’t forget, those things that we laughed about.’

Hope to see you. šŸ˜€


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