Coleman Balls

I wouldn’t normally write anything about the Welsh National Team but felt I had to here. I’m not sure why. I don’t give a monkeys about the England team in general so making a note about Wales is distinctly odd. I’ll make it short.

Chris Coleman just took over as the Wales boss after the death of Gary Speed despite two major drawbacks. Firstly the squad wanted the present coaching team to get the job. They’d improved vastly improved under this team and openly expressed their desire for it to continue.

Secondly and most importantly, if you are going to dispense with a winning formula, then don’t bring in Chris Coleman, a manager universally despised and with a losing track record. While he did ok with Fulham, since then his teams have consistently performed poorly. He was fired from Real Sociadad for staying out in clubs till 6am. Coventry were terrible and he left his last club Larissa after 6 months, ostensibly to join Wales but he left them no better off.

There is a real merry-go-round in football management. Ex-players who had one success seem to get jobs when in any other industry, they’d not a job or take a more junior role. Alas not in football. Yet the greatest managers these days are almost universally non-players like Wenger, Mourinho, Ferguson etc. Football has become a science. Reading the Secret Footballer blog on the guardian confirms it. The complexities of modern football requires less empathy and more analysis.

I’d like to be wrong for the players but for deeper reasons, being right would be more satisfying all round if anything would change in the long run.


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